Our First Saturday to Play

P1000137.JPGPhoto Courtesy of Lance 

Today was a beautiful day outside, almost 60 degrees. We decided start out our morning and go to Furstenfeld to the bauernmarkt. Feel free to click on the link and check it out! We were told all the farmers and their wives bring all their fresh vegetables, meats, and baked goods there to sell. When we arrived we realized we didn’t bring our shopping bag. Here in Germany if you don’t have a bag it’s very hard to carry your purchases.

We went into the market and it was filled with the most amazing fresh vegetables, fresh meats, candies, wines, and German breads and pastries. There was tons of things we had no idea what they were and couldn’t read the packaging. We obviously stuck out like a sore thumbs and felt quite dumb so we ordered some sausage and shared it, deciding to try it again next week with a shopping bag.

Directly in the back of the markt is the most amazing Abbey. We have been there before and just love it. The Bavarian Duke Ludwig II had his wife decapitated for alleged infidelity. This Monastery was founded as a sacrifice for his deed. You can read all about it here on the Die Geschichte des Klosters website.

P1000143.JPGPhoto Courtesy of Lance 

When we left the abby we discovered some wonderful walking paths. The birds were everywhere singing as we walked along the Amper, which is a small river. It was fresh and people were out and about quietly enjoying the nice weather. After crossing numerous small walking bridges, we meandered our way into town to Cafe Macchiato’s to get a cappuccino. It’s one of the best we’ve ever had!

img_2987Photo Courtesy of Lance 

On Friday we found a bike shop called AMPER RAD that sells TREK Bikes. This is the brand we used in the United States, however, they are much different here because they are manufactured in Germany. They measured our legs, height, and our seat bones and told us they might have them ready for us on Saturday. Our bikes are typical city/road bikes and come with racks, front and rear lights, and custom seats. They are awesome bikes! We now feel like we can get anywhere very fast as apposed to walking.

Its really hard to get around when you go from driving everywhere to walking. Our bikes are like our new cars! Riding bikes in Germany is also a new challenge because if there is not a specified bike lane with a walking lane, you ride in the street with the cars. The native Germans ride in the street and the cars zip in and our around them very fast. This will take some getting used to! Only the Kinder (children) are allowed to ride on the sidewalk. It’s not uncommon to see a family biking on the road and their Kinder are all on the sidewalk nearby.Children are trained on “how” to ride bikes in traffic in the 3rd grade. The police come to their schools and educate them on laws and where they can ride, almost like drivers training for bikes.

You can download maps and navigation for biking with this cool App we were told about. Basically, you can pick a route and download it so you are not required to use Wifi. It’s called Maps.me. The Wifi and cellular service is much different here. They don’t have repeater towers everywhere so you certainly don’t want to rely on the internet.

IMG_6380.JPGPhoto Courtesy of Lance 

By this time, we’ve had a full day but wanted to ride our bikes some more. We decided to take a bike path and follow it. The scenery was beautiful and we enjoyed it. As you can see, you never get tired of looking at things here.

p1000148Photo Courtesy of Lance 

We discovered a beautiful park along the way. Germany is known for their parks and you see people in them all the time. Usually at the entrance, you can find a religious statute like the one posted below. It’s still winter here but still gorgeous. We can’t wait for “real” spring so we can experience everything in bloom.

p1000149Photo Courtesy of Lance 

Stay tuned for more to come!

Lance and Delrae

4 thoughts on “Our First Saturday to Play

  1. What an amazing adventure! I am in awe of this new chapter you are starting in your life. God is SO Good! I look forward to your posts and more of Lance’s photos!


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