Weird Milch

Unrefrigerated Milk–believe it or not it’s quite odd coming from America when you’re used to buying milk in the refrigerated section and it’s cold. All of the milk here can be found on the non-refrigerated shelves in Germany. The milk is processed much differently here through a process called “Ultra High Temperature” otherwise known as UHT milk.

It is also referred to as shelf-stable or aseptic milk. The milk is briefly heated to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, then packed into sterile containers where it can last on the shelf without refrigeration for up to six months.  You can read all about it in this article: Save the World: Buy This Weird Milk in a Box.

We’ve decided to try every brand of non-refrigerated milch and creamer until we find ones we like. The upside–it’s less expensive than milk in the USA and it doesn’t cause any lactose symptoms. We won’t lie, it definitely takes some getting used to but the health side–it’s  Bio, which also means organic. Either way, it can’t be that bad for you once you get used to the taste!


6 thoughts on “Weird Milch

  1. You are too cute! We actually buy boxed milked from dollar tree because we have dairy allergies in the house, but I like to have it for when people are over who drink it or the rare occasion that I just crave it. I think it is pretty good. How did you like it?


    • Sharlene, I actually really like the milk. It does not bother my stomach at all and I think it’s smart to use a shelf life verses cold storage. Once it’s been in the fridge you can’t tell anything different. I did notice that it doesn’t have that carton taste like milk in America.


      • I agree! When I found it a couple of years ago at the dollar store of all places, I thought what an awesome thing for me to get to donate to the local food shelf. I mean, people donate cereal and stuff all the time, so why not send some shelf stable milk with them. Powdered milk is ok for baking, but not for drinking in my opinion. I decided to try it before I got it for the food shelf and liked it. Now that Aleesha can’t drink any milk, I don’t like to keep it in the fridge (and I love my homemade almond and cashew milk) but the shelf stable is amazing to have. I think more people should try it!

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