A Perfect Sunday

We woke up this morning and had a standard German breakfast. This is one of our favorite things here in Germany. We had soft boiled “Bio” eggs–which in America are called Organic. Some of the egg shells still have the feathers on them and the yolks are a very rich yellow/orange color. They are purchased on the shelf and when you get them home, you can refrigerate them. Each egg has its own stamp. This is called Egg Marking. Click on the bolded words to read more about it!


Photo courtesy of Lance

After breakfast we dressed in layers and decided to take our new bikes out for a spin. It is very sunny today, however, the spring chill is still in the air with an outside temperature of 9° C.

We headed out and followed other bikers–which led us to a beautiful trail unlike any other we’ve biked on before. I think we should have had mountain bikes but everyone else was on this trail, even the road bikes. People were walking hand in hand enjoying the sun, smiling, and laughing. German’s love the outdoors and they sure take care of it! We didn’t see a speck of garbage anywhere except in the garbage bins. Note how rich the soil is! Lots of farm land along the way and some amazing fishing spots!


Photos courtesy of Lance

We continued on the path until we came to the next town. It was beautiful too! As you can see, the fields are starting to grow and turn green as we move into spring.

Photos courtesy of Lance

Once the wind picked up, we headed back through the deep woods on our bikes in the general direction we came from. I am not sure how we even biked through this but it was pretty cool! It was super quiet, smelled fresh, and was totally amazing!

Photos courtesy of Lance

After a few hours of biking in various terrains we had worked up an appetite. Since we were close to the Abby,  we made our way through all the people and found a bike rack to lock up our bikes. The Abby area has numerous places to eat and sitting spots where you can enjoy nature.

We closed the morning and afternoon with a delicious Bio Bratwurst, Pommes (french fries), and a Radler Beer, which consists of 50% beer and 50% lemonade! You can enjoy a bit of history on the Radler by clicking on the link!


Photos Courtesy of Lance

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3 thoughts on “A Perfect Sunday

  1. What a perfect Sunday! Meanwhile, in Minnesota, we await another winter storm that’s promising 5-8 inches after we finally got the ground clear and dry from the last on!


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