Authentic German Cooking

Our friends recently brought us to an interesting restaurant for some old fashioned, authentic German food. We were told it is “home-cooked” and the ingredients are all local. This particular eatery is also a brewery.

We ate the most wonderful meal. It tasted better than anything our grandmothers’ ever made for us back in the States. Honestly, we have no idea how it is prepared but it tasted like someone slaved over it for hours.

Delrae had creamy mushroom gravy with a bread dumpling called  Rahmschwammerl mit Semmelknödel. It was absolutely amazing and very filling. The mushrooms were tender and the flavor wasn’t too strong.

*Note: Don’t forget to click on the links and use google translate to read more about the dishes.

IMG_2994 copy

Lance decided to try the Krustenbraten mit  with Knödel. This was highly recommended to him by our friends and it was also delicious! The roast was crusty and tender all at the same time with a rich, dark flavor. We’re almost positive it was roasted all day! His roast came with Knödel, which is a potato dumpling. A little salad came on the side, too, along with a refreshing German beer called Dunkle-Weisse, which is one of Lance’s favorites.

IMG_2997 copy

Please be sure to visit the brewery if you are ever in the Munich area and want to take a little drive out into the country. You can visit the website here: We highly recommend this place if you’re looking for an authentic German meal!

*Photos courtesy of Lance

5 thoughts on “Authentic German Cooking

  1. Looks good!
    Aleesha said food in restaurants in France was similar. The food is made local, fresh and from scratch. She also said it changed a lot in different regions as they traveled the country. I will have to keep notes of the best places you mention for when we travel Europe in 2019! 🙂


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