Corridor Crosses in Nature

We’ve often wondered what the reason is behind the religious statutes along the edges of fields and walkways here in Germany. They are beautiful to look at and often provide a feeling of peace when you sit under them or admire them from afar.

Today’s outing consisted of a bike ride out into the countryside. This was our path as we started out (imagine this in the summer).


After a few miles, we came across our first religious statue of the day.  The sitting place is right off the trail, next to a farmer’s field. The sense of peace, pleasant smell, and inviting ambiance is unreal. We sat on the bench for quite some time looking around.



Note the positioning of the religious statute as it protects the farmers field. This is called a Corridor Cross and they are usually put at a crossroad in a forest or a field. This is very common in Bavaria and Austria.


After sitting here for a while enjoying nature, we hopped back on our bikes and headed further down the path. As you can see from the picture, the scenery is intoxicating.


A little stable, church, and a few other buildings sit between the farmlands and the small road.  A few horses were out grazing but we didn’t see another soul. We can’t wait to go back in the spring and summer when everything is green. It’s just so gorgeous! Please note the second religious statute.



We asked our friends about the religious statues and what it’s called when you see them in the middle of nowhere. That is when we learned the term Flurkreuz, which translates to Corridor in English. They are common among catholic landscapes and according to Wikipedia, they can be erected in exposed places, heights, and at a junction. This is exactly how we are seeing them.  They also use religious statues in places where an accident took place which is also common in the USA.


Thanks for following us on our outing today! As you can see in our blog posts, we come across religious statutes all the time but we never tire of looking at the artwork and beauty they possess.

*All Photo’s Courtesy of Lance B.

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