The Ammersee

Today was 75 degrees and sunny here in Bavaria, Germany. We decided to hop on our bikes and go over the hill and through the woods (literally) to lake Ammersee. It was about a 23 km (14.29 miles) bike ride each way.





The lake (Ammersee) pictured below is around 18 square miles and 266 feet deep. It’s considered to be the 6th largest lake in Germany. When the ice age glaciers melted, this lake was formed. Ammersee is a must see! It’s magnificent–today the water was as calm as glass and the views were breathtaking. Please take note of the Alps that are in the background of the lake.


You can find many activities and lakeside eateries along this large lake. We happened to come upon the one pictured below and shared a small pizza, some German beer, and a piece of cheesecake. Notice all the people outside–it was a charming place to be and we throughly enjoyed ourselves.


If you ever get to Munich, Germany, you should take some time to go to lake Ammersee as it’s only about 20 miles West of there. You can find more information on touristy things to do and some of the history behind the lake and surrounding areas here: Ammersee Region. I hope you enjoyed the views as much as we did. Now we must sit and soak our sore legs because tomorrow’s another day!

All photos courtesy of Lance B.

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