Olympiapark in Munich

"Learning to Live in Germany" Ventured into the Olympic Park and Stumbled on a Bike Race Who says a blustery cold day in April should stop anyone from riding an S-Bahn train for an hour, hopping a U-Bahn train for a few stops--just to hike for 6 miles in Munich's famous Olympiapark? Imagine our surprise when … Continue reading Olympiapark in Munich


BMW Welt

Touring the BMW Welt Europe is known for it's fast cars and the Autobahn.  Some of the more popular car brands are Audi, Volkswagon, Mercedes Benz, and of course BMW. On our way to check out the Olympiapark in Munich, we happened to get off the U-Bahn right in front of the BMW Welt and BMW … Continue reading BMW Welt

Part II: Continuing on the Bayernnetz für Radler (Bavaria Network for Cyclists)

The Bavaria Network for Cyclists is Endless We decided to try another route on the Bavaria Network for Cyclists. This time we tried a path alongside the highway heading to Landsberg am Lech, Germany. We had to cycle up the biggest hill ever (not pictured) and when we got to the top, we noticed one of … Continue reading Part II: Continuing on the Bayernnetz für Radler (Bavaria Network for Cyclists)

Bayernnetz für Radler (Bavaria network for cyclists)

After extensive research--we've finally "sort of" figured out how to find our way around on our bikes from town to town. We use the Bavaria Network for Cyclists routes. Each trip is an learning experience on how to use the bike routes and follow the directions. This may sound strange to all you bike riders … Continue reading Bayernnetz für Radler (Bavaria network for cyclists)

Getting Our Drivers License In Germany

Getting your drivers license transferred from the US into a German drivers license, otherwise known as a Führerschein is no small feat--but it can be done. Luckily, the state of Washington (where we are from) is one of the states in America that is recognized by the Federal Republic of Germany. You have six months … Continue reading Getting Our Drivers License In Germany

Hellabrunn Der Munchner Tierpark (The Munich Zoo)

Yesterday we visited the most beautiful zoo in Munich, Germany. The Munich Zoo Hellabrunn was founded in 1911 and is known as the first Geo-zoo in the world. Please click on the link above so if you ever come to Munich on a holiday (vacation) you can be sure to add that to your itinerary--we highly recommend … Continue reading Hellabrunn Der Munchner Tierpark (The Munich Zoo)

Vitello tonnato

  We thought it might be interesting to share our experience with an authentic Italian dish called Vitello tonnato. Our new friend took us to his favorite Italian restaurant and ordered it for us to try. This was the first course of what ended up being a 5 hour meal. It was served with champagne. Imagine a … Continue reading Vitello tonnato

Nymphenburg Palace and Mercedes-Benz!

Today was another beautiful day. We managed to get our sore legs out of bed and head into Munich on the train. Our train ride was about 8 stops long, which took us approximately 25 minutes. We had the bright idea of walking to our destination from the train instead of taking the tram to … Continue reading Nymphenburg Palace and Mercedes-Benz!