Nymphenburg Palace and Mercedes-Benz!

Today was another beautiful day. We managed to get our sore legs out of bed and head into Munich on the train. Our train ride was about 8 stops long, which took us approximately 25 minutes. We had the bright idea of walking to our destination from the train instead of taking the tram to the Palace…

The walk had positive aspects, like the warm sun shining down on us and interesting scenery, however–there wasn’t a bathroom or an eatery in sight! We managed to find our way there after about another hour of walking. Google maps doesn’t work very well here (FYI). It kept telling us 7 minutes to our destination, (yes, we had “walk” selected) but that was not the case.

One of the notable sights in this area of Munich is the Mercedes-Benz dealership. The vehicles are beautiful and so is the building. We heard that you can take a tour of the facility but we focused on getting some pictures of the outside so that everyone can marvel at the modern architecture. Please note the captivating reflection of traditional German architecture against the building that Lance captured in the photos!




We finally arrived at the Nymphenburg Palace and admired its beauty–even thought it’s barely spring. This is considered one of the largest royal palaces in Europe. The grounds are incredible and everything is spectacular to look at. You could spend an entire day walking the grounds and never run out of interesting things to look at. This is what you first see as you walk upon the palace.


The history behind this fascinating structure is detailed, spanning over a wide range of years. The summer renovations began in 1664. Eventually, during 1806-25, Maximilian I Joseph, the first king of Bavaria, ordered some of the rooms to be redesigned. You can read more about it here: The Bavarian Palace.


It’s a very long walk to the lake and you can also follow paths into the gardens through the woods. It’s quite beautiful and we plan to go back during the peak of summer to really get a feel for what it looks like when everything is in full bloom.


Needless to say, after the last few days of our outings, we did manage to hop a tram back to the train station. We got off in Pasing, which is another suburb of Munich, and tried an Italian eatery called Vapiano, where you actually watch them make your food. Two dinners and two beers for 27 Euros… Don’t forget to click on the links so you read all about these places and plan to visit them if you’re ever in Munich, Germany! Take notice of the fresh Rosemary and Basil at each table–you can add to garnish your meal further.

P1000306 2.jpg


Auf Wiedersehen for now!


All Photo’s courtesy of Lance B. 

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