Vitello tonnato


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We thought it might be interesting to share our experience with an authentic Italian dish called Vitello tonnato. Our new friend took us to his favorite Italian restaurant and ordered it for us to try. This was the first course of what ended up being a 5 hour meal. It was served with champagne.

Imagine a few slices of veal at room temperature–covered in a mayonnaise type of tuna flavored sauce, with a few anchovies and black olives on the top for a garnish. This was prepared from a braised piece of veal taken from the back leg of a cow, called an “Eye Round.” The sauce was made from fresh white tuna, simmered in a white wine sauce, and pureed with olive oil and egg yolks. You can read all about it here, Vitello tonnato.

Now that you have an idea of what this is–you can imagine the confusion your tastebuds go through with the first bite.  Lance loved it–I enjoyed it but will not use the word “love.”  I ate most of it to be polite and Lance will continue to eat this for the rest of his life–obviously he’s a true Italian at heart!

Photos courtesy of Lance B.



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