Bayernnetz für Radler (Bavaria network for cyclists)

After extensive research–we’ve finally “sort of” figured out how to find our way around on our bikes from town to town. We use the Bavaria Network for Cyclists routes. Each trip is an learning experience on how to use the bike routes and follow the directions. This may sound strange to all you bike riders but imagine this…

You have downloaded several Apps and have them stored on your phone. You’ve googled the route and also have a hard-copy of the map in your bike bag. You get on the bike and and finally head out. The smells of the fresh air are intoxicating, the colors are vibrant, and you see images of things you’ve only read about in storybooks. This is going on around you while you look for the white route signs with green writing on street posts which keep you on the right path. Yes, in case you are wondering, there are many “forks” in the roads here.

The App makes no sense until you experience the trails because around every corner the route changes from dirt, to pavement, to gravel. The system has hidden paths so if you aren’t paying attention, you’ll miss them. All the locals know them by heart.

With all that said–it’s truly an adventure when you get on your bike in Germany. We finally figured out how to get from our village to Dachau, Germany. Once again, we went over the hills and through the fields, loving every minute of it! Check out this bike path as we began the 23 km ride into Dachau, which ended up being a bit longer as we took a few wrong turns.


After a while our path changed to this…


Below is what a fork in the road looks like here. These forks can be baffling and you roll the dice on which way is correct. There is not always a sign with directions. Needless to say, we picked the fork to the left and we rode in about a 3 km circle and ended up right back to the fork in the trail. Thank goodness the scenery is beautiful!


As we continued on–the trails went from dirt–to cement–and sometimes even gravel. It is quiet, peaceful, and there isn’t a stitch of garbage anywhere. It is also surprising how many bike riders you see on these paths. The ages range from about 3 years old to 80 plus.

As we entered into Dachau, we noticed the scene below from the road. We thought it was gorgeous so we thought we would share it. Notice the “Bach” or creek that runs through people’s back yards.


We finally arrived hungry to our destination in Dachau. You’d be surprised how tired your body feels after going up and down hills, riding on dirt, and dodging your way around trees on a bike–praying you don’t pop a tire. We decided to take a rest and eat some Greek food.


We realized during our ride to Dachau that we had missed our main route somewhere because we ended up going a little further than we were suppose to. We figured out where we had missed the correct path so it was like another new adventure biking home! This path went along the golf course! It was gorgeous…



You can notice the bike path on the right hand side of the Fluss (river). That is the path we were on after we left the golf course area.



This concludes our small journey over hills and through woods to Dachau. It took us about 5 hours but we enjoyed every minute of it. It’s hard to capture everything you look at while on a bike but we recommend if you ever come to Germany that you rent some bikes. You can see things you would never see in a car or a train.  Please feel free to share our blog with your friends and neighbors’! Stay tuned for more adventures.

Auf Wiedersehen….


All photos courtesy of Lance Benson


2 thoughts on “Bayernnetz für Radler (Bavaria network for cyclists)

    • Hello Brenda, Great question!! Although a number of people will pass by without a greeting, there are the same amount that will say Hallo, or Grüß Gott, Guten Tag, Guten Morgen, etc…
      Almost all the people we have encountered will respond to us if we greet them in passing.
      Thank you for your great question, and stay tuned!!


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