BMW Welt

Touring the BMW Welt

Europe is known for it’s fast cars and the Autobahn.  Some of the more popular car brands are Audi, Volkswagon, Mercedes Benz, and of course BMW. On our way to check out the Olympiapark in Munich, we happened to get off the U-Bahn right in front of the BMW Welt and BMW Museum. Naturally we were curious because the building itself is a innovative piece of art.  Below is a picture of the outside of the building and the reflection we saw when taking the picture.


We highly recommend if anyone is visiting Munich they should also visit the BMW Welt and all the exhibitions. There is something for everyone including children of all ages. Not only is it fun to look at all the BMW’s, they display stations that teach the innovation behind the design of their cars and motorcycles.

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The Rolls-Royce Motor Car Exhibition was one of our favorites. It is a beautiful car inside and out. This car below is the model “Dawn” and she sells for about $341,125 USD!




Another favorite–the total opposite of the Rolls-Royce was the  BMW Isetta, built in 1959

Note: When we get tired of riding our bikes we decided we may have to each get one of these.

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Here are some pictures that were taken of the facility just to give you an idea.



Note: Pictured below is a view of Olympiapark from the BMW Welt.




Thank you for checking out our small preview of the BMW Welt in Munich, Germany. We didn’t want to give the entire experience away so if you’re ever in Munich–be sure to check it out!

Stay tuned for more adventures tomorrow as we head into Munich’s Olympic Park that was built in 1972. Please feel free to share our adventures of learning to live in Germany.


All photos courtesy of Lance Benson



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