Rapeseed Fields


Many of you have probably noticed all the bright yellow fields in our pictures and alongside the road, (if you’re in Germany). We watched the transformation this spring as the fields slowly bloomed full of vibrant flowers that are nearly taller than us.


The smell is intoxicating–the texture and landscape is out of this world. We thought about walking into a field until we realized how many bees were buzzing around the plants. They must be as sweet as they smell!

You may be shocked to know that these plants are actually called “Brassica napusand are related to the cabbage and mustard family.  As we stood there, we wondered what the plant was used for. This plant of many names–rape, oilseed rape, rapa, rapi, and rapaseed is actually the world’s third largest source of Canola oil! In other words–this plant produces cooking oil and is also used to make biodiesel fuel! Who would of thought?


Please feel free to share our blog with your family and friends. Stay tuned–when the rain stops (eventually)–we’ll be on our next adventure as we learn to live in Germany!

Auf Wiedersehen for now!


*Note: All photos courtesy of Lance Benson

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