Vitello tonnato

  We thought it might be interesting to share our experience with an authentic Italian dish called Vitello tonnato. Our new friend took us to his favorite Italian restaurant and ordered it for us to try. This was the first course of what ended up being a 5 hour meal. It was served with champagne. Imagine a … Continue reading Vitello tonnato


Nymphenburg Palace and Mercedes-Benz!

Today was another beautiful day. We managed to get our sore legs out of bed and head into Munich on the train. Our train ride was about 8 stops long, which took us approximately 25 minutes. We had the bright idea of walking to our destination from the train instead of taking the tram to … Continue reading Nymphenburg Palace and Mercedes-Benz!

Corridor Crosses in Nature

We've often wondered what the reason is behind the religious statutes along the edges of fields and walkways here in Germany. They are beautiful to look at and often provide a feeling of peace when you sit under them or admire them from afar. Today's outing consisted of a bike ride out into the countryside. … Continue reading Corridor Crosses in Nature

Pizza Dinner (English) – Pizza abendessen (German) – cena Pizza (Italian)

Last night around 8:00 p.m. we jumped on our bikes in search of dinner because Germans normally eat later in the evening. As most of you know, we don't own a car here. Luckily, our bikes came equipped with head-lights and tail-lights so we can get around just fine in the dark like many Europeans … Continue reading Pizza Dinner (English) – Pizza abendessen (German) – cena Pizza (Italian)

Authentic German Cooking

Our friends recently brought us to an interesting restaurant for some old fashioned, authentic German food. We were told it is "home-cooked" and the ingredients are all local. This particular eatery is also a brewery. We ate the most wonderful meal. It tasted better than anything our grandmothers' ever made for us back in the States. … Continue reading Authentic German Cooking

Donnerstag (Thursday)

If we told you it was easy moving to Germany without speaking German, we'd be lying to you. It's even difficult to sign up for language school. Reading body language and communicating with gestures comes in handy when ordering food, however, trying to explain how and why you need language lessons is difficult. We have a … Continue reading Donnerstag (Thursday)