Pizza Dinner (English) – Pizza abendessen (German) – cena Pizza (Italian)

Last night around 8:00 p.m. we jumped on our bikes in search of dinner because Germans normally eat later in the evening. As most of you know, we don’t own a car here. Luckily, our bikes came equipped with head-lights and tail-lights so we can get around just fine in the dark like many Europeans do.

We decided on a small Italian restaurant and choose to share a pizza. It had pepperoni, capriole, salami, cheese, tomato sauce, mushrooms, and banana peppers covered in fresh Arugula. The crust was very thin, cooked in a real stone oven, and it wasn’t weighted down with too much sauce or cheese.

Most people order one of these and can literally eat the entire thing. We asked to share it and the term they used for sharing is “50/50.”  In order to eat the pizza properly with manners– you normally use a knife and a fork. Let’s just say there is no chance of eating too fast this way!


Of course you must also drink some beer with your pizza. Lance had his favorite, which is a Dunkel-Weisse, and Delrae drank a Radler beer.


After dinner we chatted about the events of the day, and headed out into the fresh, chilly night air to collect our bikes. Feeling full and content we made our way back to our flat within minutes. The  dinner, the bike ride, and the night air is an excellent end to another wonderful day in Deutschland. Auf Wiedersehen….


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