Part II: Continuing on the Bayernnetz für Radler (Bavaria Network for Cyclists)

The Bavaria Network for Cyclists is Endless

We decided to try another route on the Bavaria Network for Cyclists. This time we tried a path alongside the highway heading to Landsberg am Lech, Germany. We had to cycle up the biggest hill ever (not pictured) and when we got to the top, we noticed one of the white cycle signs with green lettering pointing to the left. We decided to try the route and see what happened. As you can tell the road was dirt after a while and the fields were gorgeous!



The photo below is the view we had when we turned around and looked where we had just biked from after turning on the bike route.



Suddenly, we came to a gigantic hill. It was a little bit scary but more intriguing as we wondered where we would end up. We headed down the hill very slowly.  Below is what we saw ahead of us going down the hill.


The forest is so dense that it became very dark…


The road opened back up and it was gorgeous!

P1000453.jpgThese shots below were taken from far away but you can always count on a bench in nature to sit and reflect. It appears that there is also a old historical site that used to be a logging company. We’ll have to ask some locals about it because the internet wasn’t helpful.

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We continued on our way and choose the hardest packed dirt road to travel on with our bikes in fear of popping a tire. Surprisingly, we did another full circle and ended up almost right back where we began. I don’t know if this is called beginners luck or we are actually just filled with the best sense of direction a person could have! All we know is–we didn’t get ride back down the large hill. Please feel share our blog and posts with your family and friends. Stay tuned for more adventures!

Auf Wiedersehen…

All photos courtesy of Lance Benson

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